Madison radio broadcaster and university educator James Tulp will qualify to run for the U.S. House of Representatives, District 3, this morning.

Tulp is challenging first term Congressman Michael Guest in the 2020 Republican Primary.

The newcomer says he supports pro-family policies and is in favor of going on offense to preserve traditional values.  He wants to be the first Mississippi Representative to join the House Freedom Caucus.

“Mississippi had led the nation in defending America via our outstanding record of military service. But where is our combat leadership in Congress?,” Tulp said in a statement.  “Why is it we never see our Representative on the front lines when it comes to defending our borders, standing up to America’s enemies, or fighting to support President Trump and his agenda?  I want to change that.”

Tulp says his top priority is immigration, and he says “black Americans have been harmed by immigration policies.”

“My opponent has voted for more immigration. I think we need less immigration,” Tulp said.  “Any Republican who votes for more immigration is essentially voting for a Democrat supermajority in this country forever because immigrants and their children tend to vote Democrat at a much higher rate than native born Americans.”

Tulp continued, “Black Americans, in particular, have been harmed by immigration policies. To me, being for ‘America First’ means working on behalf of all citizens. Black Americans’ wages and jobs are suppressed by the overflow of immigrant labor, both legal and illegal. The Democrats have abandoned them in favor of immigrants. I will stand good jobs and good wages for all Black Americans and all Americans.”

The Madison resident says he supports building the wall as President Trump has sought.

Tulp’s campaign website is online and he can be found on Twitter @JamesTulp.