After announcing her senior staff last week, Attorney General Lynn Fitch has announced the hiring of several key Division Directors.

The directors consist of attorneys and professionals from both state and federal governments, along with the private sector. Below is the list of directors, along with the divisions that they will lead:

  • Ashley L. Sulser – Criminal Litigation Division
  • Harold Pizzetta – Civil Litigation Division
  • Kimberly T. Purdie – Cyber Crime Division
  • Kim Turner – Opinions Division
  • Cammie Wyatt – Prosecutor and Law Enforcement Training Division
  • Teri Gleason – Bureau of Victims Assistance
  • Emelia Nordan – Public Education and Community Engagement Division
  • Samuel Cole – Administrative Services Division
  • Russell Armstrong – Administrative / Chief Technology Officer
  • Yolanda Nash – Accounting and Financial Management Division
  • Tony Geiger – Constituent Outreach Division
  • Kyle Williams – Legislative Affairs and Policy Division

“We are restructuring the agency to fit the needs of our State better and to accomplish our bold agenda,” said General Fitch. “The Office of the Attorney General is a powerful platform to go into communities across the State, educate the public and engage them in being a part of the solutions to some of our State’s greatest challenges. These talented leaders will help us accomplish our goals for advancing Mississippi.”

In the coming weeks, General Fitch will continue to evaluate cases, policies, and programs and make additional announcements.

Attorney General Lynn Fitch Press Release