The Mississippi Secretary of State’s office released its 2020 candidate qualifying list this week.  Among those were the Presidential Primary candidates Mississippians will see on their ballot in seven weeks.

Party primaries are March 10th, with a runoff date of March 31st if necessary.

Mississippi Republicans will have three names on their ballot seeking the party’s nomination:

President Donald J. Trump
Roque De La Fuente
Bill Weld

It is safe to say President Trump will win the Republican primary in Mississippi.

Mississippi Democrats, on the other hand, will choose from a much longer list of candidates with little indication as to where Magnolia State Democratic voters are leaning.

Democratic Party candidates include:

Joseph R. Biden
Michael Bloomberg
Pete Buttigieg
Tulsi Gabbard
Amy Klobuchar
Deval Patrick
Bernie Sanders
Tom Steyer
Elizabeth Warren
Andrew Yang


Former Vice President Joe Biden appears to be leading the pack.

The Economist/YouGov Poll reported by RealClearPolitics on January 15th showed Biden with a 7 point lead over Sanders nationally.  The other Democrats listed on the Mississippi ballot following Sanders in the poll were Warren, Buttigieg, Bloomberg, Yang, Klobuchar, Steyer, Gabbard, and Patrick in that order.

Mississippi Democratic voters have traditionally voted in favor of the national leading candidate in state primaries.