The Mississippi House of Representatives has announced a comprehensive list of committee assignments for the next term.

At first glance, it seemed less changes were made to committee chairmanships in this chamber than the Senate. This could be due to no change being made in Speaker of the House, Philip Gunn.

A few committees were announced prior to Thursday in order to handle pressing legislation. Those were the Appropriations and Ways and Means committees. When it comes to Appropriations, Rep. John Read (R) will continue to serve as Chairman with Rep. Karl Oliver (R) taking Rep. Huddleston’s seat as Vice Chair.

Rep. Trey Lamar

Ways and Means will go to Rep. Trey Lamar (R), who was previously Vice-Chair, after former chairman Jeff Smith was not re-elected to his seat in the House. Vice Chair of the committee will be Jody Steverson (R).

One committee expected to have a good bit of movement this year is Corrections. Rep. Kevin Horan (I) will be the new chairman, taking the place of former chair Rep. Kinkade. Serving as Vice-Chair is Rep. Carl Mickens (D).

Education will stay under the leadership of Rep. Richard Bennett (R) with Rep. Kent McCarty (R) replacing Rep. Roberson as Vice-Chair.

While it is a new committee in the Senate, this isn’t the House’s first go around with Gaming. Gaming chair will stay with Rep. Casey Eure (R) and Rep. Willie Bailey (D) will replace  Cedric Burnett.

Rep. Angela Cockerham

It’s a bit of a swap up for Judiciary A and Judiciary B. Formerly chairing Jud. B was Rep. Angela Cockerham (I), she will now serve as Chairwoman of Judiciary A, while Rep. Nick Bain (R) will serve has the chair of Judiciary B. Bain gave insight in to possible criminal justice reform making a move from Judiciary B.

“I’m excited about getting started. Criminal justice issues has always been something I’ve been interested in,” said Bain. “I would like to move Mississippi forward in that arena. It’s going to be a challenge but it’s going to be fun.”

Medicaid will now be chaired by Rep. Joey Hood (R). It was formerly lead by Rep. Chris Brown. Rep. Lee Yancy (R) will serve as Vice Chair.

Rep. Sam Mims

Public Health will stay with Rep. Sam Mims (R) and this time around Rep. Missy McGee (R) will serve as Vice-Chair.

Another anticipated topic of conversation this year will be workforce development. Chairing that committee will be Rep. Donnie Bell (R) with new Vice-Chair Kenneth Walker (D).

View a full list of committee assignments below: 

2020 Committee Assignments by yallpolitics on Scribd