This week, U.S. Senators have heard the case for Impeachment against President Donald Trump as presented by Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s appointed House Managers.

Y’all Politics caught up with Mississippi’s senior U.S. Senator Roger Wicker as the Senate was in recess.

Wicker said he doesn’t think the arguments made thus far warrant removal of the President, and further, he thinks the Speaker knew the case was weak last year.

“This is a narrow attempt to remove Donald Trump from office in an election year, nine months before he’s going to stand for re-election again,” said Wicker.

Wicker said it’s time to get past this “constitutional impediment” and get back to work for the American people.

Sen. Wicker also provided his thoughts on what he hopes to see from the President’s defense team, saying there are some things that need to be “straightened out” on behalf of the President.

Wicker reiterated that the case isn’t “anywhere near meeting the constitutional threshold to impeach” the President.

As for what the people of Mississippi should know about the Impeachment process as the trial moves forward, Sen. Wicker said, “We’re going to make it through this.”

“It hasn’t been good for the country,” Wicker said.  “But we’re going to manage to get through this and get back to this great economy and this great list of accomplishments we’ve had in the last three years.”

The Impeachment Trial continues in the Senate as House Managers finish their presentation this weekend and the President’s defense team set to take the floor next week.