Mississippi U.S. Senator Cindy Hyde-Smith took time to talk with Y’all Politics about the ongoing impeachment trial of President Donald Trump in the U.S. Senate.

The President’s defense team has now made arguments against the articles of impeachment brought forward by the House of Representatives.

The trial began with House Managers, appointed by Speaker Nancy Pelosi, making the case as to why the President should be impeached.

“Impeachment is such a serious, serious thing. The arguments that they’ve made to be honest with you just appears to be such a weak case,” said Sen. Hyde-Smith.

She added that the whole process seemed to her to be nothing but a political tool to prevent President Trump from being elected for another term.

She said the President’s defense team has done a great job refuting item by item what was brought over by the House Managers. One witness, who was a self-declared Hilary Clinton voter, did not see these accusations as an impeachable offense.

“To hear testimony like that and to have video recordings of different statements that are so telling gives you the confidence to know that this is just not what they want you to think it is,” Sen. Hyde-Smith said.

She told Mississippians that this process has unfolded as a weak case brought by the House to the Senate. She called it a “great American tragedy” and said the impeachment process should not be used as a tool or a toy.

“It’s pretty discouraging to think you have elected members that would vote for impeachment based on what they have in these articles,” the junior Senator from Mississippi said.

The impeachment trial continues today with Senators allowed to ask questions in the chamber after the President’s defense team wraps up their opening arguments, and then the Senate will proceed to the question as to whether or not to subpoena witnesses.