The most recent former Governor of the state of Mississippi, Phil Bryant, has joined a consulting firm after leaving the office.

Bryant will be working with Bryant Songy Snell Global Partners. This strategy and business firm was created in September of 2019 by former Chief of Staff to Bryant, Joey Songy. The firm focuses on economic development in the Southeast as well as international trade.

“While serving as governor, nearly all of our objectives centered around education and economic development, and this opportunity will allow me to continue to advocate for education and economic opportunity in the private sector,”  Bryant told WLBT. “I’m excited to have a firm where these driving forces can be cultivated, with two great partners, for years to come.”

Other founding partner, Katie Bryant Snell, who previously served as the attorney for the Madison County Board of Supervisors and founded the Katie Bryant Snell law firm, will provide strategic advice and counsel on development opportunities while advocating for policy initiatives for public and private clients.

Bryant has served in the political realm since 1990 when he was elected to the Mississippi House of Representatives. From there he went on to serve as State Auditor from ’96 until ’07, Lt. Governor from ’08 until ’11, when he was elected to serve as Governor which lasted for two terms.