The House has also passed SB 2149, the 2020 Census Appropriation bill.

With both chambers approving the legislation it is now able to head to the Governor to be signed into law and go into effect.


The 2020 Census appropriation bill, SB 2149, was passed in the Mississippi Senate on Tuesday. The bill was authored by Senator Briggs Hopson and appropriates $400,000 to the Mississippi’s Census effort, which is being led by former Senate Pro Tem Giles Ward.

The funds are appropriated by the General Fund to offset the expense of the census on the Department of Finance and Administration. The funds are to last until June 30, 2020, when the Census should be completed.

The funds can go to things like advertising, media, marketing and public relations services as DFA sees fit to promote the Census.

Lt. Governor Hosemann also announced on the floor of the Senate that Mississippi’s census will have a very special spokesperson.

The legislation is set to take effect immediately after passage. It was immediately released to the House which could take it up as early as this week.