Changing the Mississippi State flag is a conversation that has long divided the state. There are those who would like to keep it the way it is, with the confederate symbol, and those who believe it should be changed.

A new bill presented by Rep. Clark, HB 39, that would offer two new design options up to the Legislature for consideration of a change. It would do so through creating the Commission to Redesign the Mississippi State Flag. The Commission will have till January 1, 2021 to design the flags.

The bill reads: 

The 17 Legislature shall determine which of the two (2) options shall be  the new Mississippi State Flag during the 2021 Regular Session. The two (2) options for a new Mississippi State Flag that are adopted by the commission shall not include the design of the Confederate Battle Flag. The commission is charged with a sensitive and responsible task that it shall conduct in an objective manner. The two (2) options for a new Mississippi State Flag shall honor the past while embracing the promise of the future.

The Commission is to be made up of three members of the Mississippi House, three members of the Mississippi Senate, two high school students, A Mississippi public school teacher, a representative from the Mississippi Arts Commission, two representatives from Board of 42 Trustees of the Mississippi Department of Archives and History, a representative from the business community, and two members from the state at large.

The opinion of past administrations has been that the decision should be left up to the people. The last time a vote was taken to change the state flag was in 2001, in which the popular vote ruled to keep it the way it is.

The bill was referred to the Rules Committee.