Mississippi’s Congressmen released statements and took to social media with their thoughts on the acquittal of President Donald Trump.

The President received a majority of “not guilty” votes of 52-48 on Article 1 and 53-47 on Article 2.  Utah Senator Mitt Romney was the lone Republican to vote to convict on Article 1, abuse of power.

Here’s what the Magnolia State’s Congressional delegation had to say as the votes came in from the Senate:

Steven Palazzo (R – MS-04)

“The articles of impeachment are the culmination of a three-year political witch hunt against our President. Rammed through the House in an unprecedented and shallow fashion, the allegations have proven to be nothing more than a messaging failure ahead of the presidential election. Our country must move on from this sham and focus on the real issues facing America.”

Michael Guest (R – MS-03)

“Now that the divisive impeachment process is over, I urge my Democratic colleagues to turn their efforts towards uniting our country and join Republicans in working to advance policy issues that benefit the people of our nation.”

Trent Kelly (R – MS-01)

“I am proud to see the majority of U.S. Senators stand with President Trump. Now is the time to focus on the issues that truly matter to Mississippians and all Americans.”