Let’s be honest, everyone has pushed the speed limit a time or two. Sometimes even more so in the county because Sheriff’s and Deputy Sheriff’s don’t use a radar gun. Well, this bill would change all of that.

Rep. Tom Weathersby

Authored by Rep. Weathersby, HB 199 and would allow for the authorization of Sheriff’s to use radar speed detection equipment on public streets, roads and highways of the county outside of the city limits.

The bill reads:

It shall be unlawful for any person or peace officer or law enforcement agency, except the Mississippi Highway Safety Patrol, to purchase or use or allow to be used any type of radar speed detection equipment upon any public street, road or highway of this state. However, such equipment may be used: 

By the sheriff and his deputies in any county on any public road, street or highway (i) that is under the jurisdiction of the county board of supervisors for maintenance and construction, and (ii) that is located outside the corporate limits of a municipality.

As it stands now, the only law enforcement agency allowed to use radar on public roads or highways is the Mississippi Highway Patrol with the exception small cities and colleges or universities.