Carl Boyanton is running for Congress in Mississippi’s 4th District with the primary goal of implementing term limits.

The retired businessman, who is running in the Republican primary challenging incumbent Congressman Steven Palazzo, believes a majority of people in both parties support term limits and he would be able to get it done.

“What you got to do, and what I will do if I get there, I’ll go sit down with every Congressman and every Senator, get a scorecard and go over what’s it’s going to take to get them on board,” Boyanton told Y’all Politics. “I want to get everybody on record.”

When asked how he aligns with President Trump’s agenda, Boyanton said, “Mostly 100%. But there’s things that, you know, like on his budget when it raises the deficit I won’t vote for it. If it funds Planned Parenthood I won’t vote for it. There’s just some certain things I’m not going to support him on, even though I support Trump as much as any other conservative.”

Boyanton said he doesn’t want to be a career politician, saying he’s “running for election, not re-election. If I don’t get re-elected, I’m OK with that.”

The primary is March 10th in Mississippi.  The 4th Congressional District Republican Primary includes four candidates: Congressman Steven Palazzo, Carl Boyanton, Robert Deming, and Samuel Hickman.

You can watch the full interview with Boyanton here: