Robert Deming is a Biloxi City Councilman who is running for Congress in South Mississippi’s 4th District.  He says that his main focus is on bringing fiscal accountability to Washington D.C.

Deming, an attorney and entrepreneur, is challenging Congressman Steven Palazzo in the Republican Primary.

“We need fiscal accountability and fiscal responsibility in D.C.,” Deming said.  “What I do is keep my hand on the pulse of our (Biloxi’s) finances. What the incumbent does is goes to Washington, gets along and goes along, and doesn’t keep his hand on the steering wheel.”

Deming says the spending by Congress is “ridiculous and unacceptable,” saying that is why he chose to run.

The Councilman says President Trump’s agenda aligns with what he wants to see from Congress.

“Trump’s agenda falls right in line with a lot of things I’ve been talking about for a long time,” Deming said.  “Obviously, tax reform… He’s talked about reducing spending. He said we could balance the budget with the right people in office, and we don’t.”

The primary is March 10th in Mississippi.  The 4th Congressional District Republican Primary includes four candidates: Congressman Steven Palazzo, Carl Boyanton, Robert Deming, and Samuel Hickman.

You can watch the full interview with Deming here: