Every year Representatives and Senators take on a few bills that authorize for people to drive their golf carts on some city roads. This year, there are four of those bills.

HB 282, SB 2114, SB 2150 and SB 2287.

They all relatively say the same thing, just differ on the location of the exception.

HB 282, authored by Rep. Barton and SB 2114 authored by Sen. Jackson of the 15th seem to be companion bills and would authorize for use of golf carts on general city streets.  Senator Moran’s bill, SB 2287 is also similar, outlining the classification of a golf cart and allowing for municipalities to make the call.

SB 2150 authored by Sen. Branning specifically addresses the use of these “low-speed” vehicles in the town of Walnut Grove.

The bill reads: 

The governing authorities may, in their discretion, by ordinance, authorize the operation of low-speed vehicles or golf carts only on public roads and streets with a speed limit of fifteen (15) miles per hour or less in the Town of Walnut Grove, Mississippi.

The bills were all referred to a mix of Municipalities and Finance Committees.