President Trump calls Gov. Reeves offering help in flooding relief

WTOK – State treasurer seeks owners of unclaimed property

The Mississippi State Treasurer’s Office will have representatives in Meridian later this week to help people find unclaimed property.

Every year, new items are added to the state’s list that may rightfully belong to you.

The law requires that banks, credit unions, insurance companies, retail stores, utility companies and business associations turn over to the state treasurer any unclaimed assets like checks, insurance policies or stocks and bonds that have been abandoned, and for which there has been no contact for a period of five years.

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YP – Bill of the day: Sheriffs to have radar guns

MBJ – BILL CRAWFORD: Mississippi ignores conservative way to tax

State Auditor Shad White recently audited the Mississippi Department of Transportation. His  clean audit report suggested MDOT could redirect millions toward road and bridge construction if it streamlined operations. Those millions amount to about $15 million per year or $150 million over 10 years. Good savings but a smidge of what’s needed.

The conservative way to fund roads and bridges is through user taxes, i.e. the gas tax. Using bonds, gambling revenues, and sales tax diversions puts an unfair burden on many taxpayers, particularly the elderly, and robs money from needy general fund programs.

Most Republican controlled states understand the conservative way to tax, but not Mississippi.

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VICKSBURG POST – Sen. Wicker: Honoring the historic impact of Hiram Rhodes Revels

This month I am introducing a resolution to recognize a groundbreaking U.S. Senator from Mississippi.

Hiram Rhodes Revels was the first African American to serve in Congress in United States history. He was chosen by the state legislature in 1870 before the 17th Amendment to the Constitution made for the direct election of senators. He took his oath of office in the United States Capitol on Feb. 25, 1870 — 150 years ago this month.

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