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Democratic Presidential candidate Elizabeth Warren is linking Mississippi’s flooding to “climate change”.

In a tweet, the Massachusetts U.S. Senator wrote, “My heart goes out to all of those affected by historic flooding in Mississippi. This is one more example of the devastating effects of the climate crisis. We must act now so that severe flooding and extreme storms don’t become our new normal.”

The NBC News story Warren tweeted states, “The river was at 36.8 feet when it was cresting Monday, which is the third-highest recorded crest. Its highest recorded crest was 43.2 feet on April 17, 1979, and the second-highest occurred May 5, 1983, when the river rose to 39.58 feet.”

The 1979 and 1983 floods were before the narrative of “climate change” became a popular rallying cry among Democrats.  Environmental interests ever since have stymied flood control plans including the One Lake plan that would alleviate flooding to largely less affluent neighborhoods and business areas in North and Downtown Jackson.  They’ve largely peddled misinformation regarding hydrology and impacts to wildlife.

Warren will appear on the ballot in Mississippi’s Democratic Primary on March 10th. Her campaign reportedly has one staffer in the Magnolia State.

Her campaign will reportedly be present at a “Millennial Mixer” in Greenwood this Saturday.