Rep. Richard Bennett

Three bills filed in the Mississippi House raised concerns among homeschool families this week, but according to State Rep. Dan Eubanks (R-HD 25) there is no need to worry.

HB 188 would mandate Mississippi history and U.S. government be taught in grades 9-12 to all public, private or parochial schools, and homeschool programs.  The bill is authored by Rep. John Hines (D-HD 50).

The Mississippi Center for Public Policy took issue with the bill, rating it as “bad policy.”

“This would give the state authority to dictate what parents teach their children and how they teach it. Those rights belong with the parents who choose to homeschool, who generally make that choice because they want to set the curriculum that’s appropriate for their children free of state mandates,” MCPP said in its legislative tracker.  “Whether or not homeschool families in Mississippi teach Mississippi history or government – and we know most do – that is the choice of the parents, not the state.”

HB 134 and HB 276 would raise the age for compulsory school attendance to 18. HB 134 was also authored by Rep. Hines, while HB 276 was authored by Gary Chism (R-HD 37).

In a Facebook post, Rep. Eubanks wrote that HB 188, HB 134 and HB 276 “would have serious affects on Mississippi’s Home Schoolers.”

“I have spoken with Chairman Bennett, the chairman of Education in the House,” Rep. Eubanks said in a video.  “He’s given me assurances that none of those bills are coming out of committee.”