The Mississippi Democratic Party took to Twitter Thursday evening to put their thumb on the scale for Mike Espy for U.S. Senate while swiping at current U.S. Sen. Cindy Hyde-Smith.

This comes before the Democratic Primary on March 10th where Espy will face two fellow Democrat opponents – Jensen Bohren and Tobey Bartee.

Party primaries are meant to allow voters to choose who their nominee will be in the General Election.  Typically, the Party and its leaders stay out of the fray and do not endorse any candidate until after voters have spoken through casting their ballot.

With the Mississippi Democratic Party all but endorsing Espy for U.S. Senate, it raises the question of whether Bohren and Bartee will be treated fairly by the party.

Espy piggybacked on the reference Friday morning with a tweet saying, “How many election protection bills have to be passed by the House for the Senate to do anything? Confidence in our elections is paramount to the functioning of our democracy. When politicians play partisan games w/our elections, the American people lose.”