Mississippi’s Presidential primary contest seems to be coming into sharper focus.  Congressman Bennie Thompson has endorsed former Vice President Joe Biden for President.  And late this morning, Sen. Elizabeth Warren has dropped out of the race.

The Second Congressional District Democrat made the announcement on social media, saying, “I stand with him to fight for the soul of our nation.”

“Joe Biden has spent his whole life serving something bigger than himself.  He has fought beside us in every fight that matters,” Thompson said. “Our country is in dire need of moral leadership that can end today’s division and hate and bring our country together. Joe has shown that he has character and unmatched skills to lead us and get things done. Honestly, our country needs a president who has the national security experience that Joe has—someone who has played a key role in the countless high-stake efforts to keep this country safe.  As Chairman of the House Homeland Security Committee, I recognize the importance of having a president who has expertise and ties to leaders around the world. Joe Biden is the leader this country needs in these uncertain times, and I stand with him to fight for the soul of our nation.”

Thompson’s endorsement comes only five days before the Tuesday Mississippi Primary.

Along with Thompson, members of the Mississippi Democratic party also endorsed Biden during a press conference at the Capitol.

Democrat State Rep. Jeramey Anderson has also announced his endorsement of Biden, saying, it was a tough decision but he had to choose the candidate he thought could beat President Donald Trump.

Biden is scheduled to be in state on Sunday to speak at a primarily black Jackson church and attend a promote the vote event.