YP – Gov. Tate Reeves takes to Facebook to answer more questions on Coronavirus

Governor Tate Reeves took to Facebook on Monday to answer more of the public’s questions about COVID-19 and what Mississippi is doing to prevent the spread of the virus.

I am answering your questions live, because transparency is more important than ever. I’ll always be honest about what we face and how we are working to address it.

Posted by Tate Reeves on Monday, March 23, 2020

MSDH: 249 confirmed coronavirus cases in state

YP – Mississippi residents given extra 30 days to file state income tax, deadline May 15

Mississippi residents will be required to file their state income tax before the Federal tax filing deadline.

The federal government moved the date from April 15 to July 15 last week.

Saying Mississippi is unable to follow the Federal July 15 income tax extension due to the $550,000,000 impact it would have on the state budget, the Mississippi Department of Revenue will extend the April 15 tax filing deadline to May 15.

MEMA director urges people to stop panic buying

Director Greg Michel’s update on PPE distribution today. He’s also urging people to stop panic buying.

Posted by Mississippi Emergency Management Agency on Monday, March 23, 2020

YP – Mississippi casino closures could mean $4.5 million in weekly revenue lost

In the wake of the coronavirus, Mississippi’s tourism industry is among many sectors that have taken a hit with closures to increase social distancing measures. The Mississippi Gaming Commission closed all casinos as of March 16 at midnight, with no definite date for reopening.

The closure impacts most of the over 19,000 casino employees statewide.

This will have a major impact on the Mississippi economy during this fiscal year and likely the next. As of right now, the Department of Revenue has estimated that at least $4.5 million will be lost weekly. The estimate includes sales tax, gaming tax and any other tax associated with the gaming industry.

Speaker Gunn provides a video update

Coronavirus Update 3/23

UPDATE: Monday, March 23, 202042 new cases were reported yesterday in Mississippi which brings the total cases statewide to 249. Three new counties reported cases yesterday – Marion, Lamar, Tallahatchie. RE: TESTING FACILITIES -MSDH advises that you WILL NOT be tested unless you have BOTH: 1) a temperature of 100.4 degree or greater; AND 2) coughing or chest pain. Below is a link with an updated list of confirmed facilities in Mississippi that have indicated they will conduct testing for COVID-19.***Again, PLEASE CALL BEFORE YOU GO. They do not want people infected to show up unannounced and possibly spread the virus to others. This helps them control the spread of the virus. RE: HOME CONFINEMENT – I spoke with Dr. Dobbs yesterday and with the Governor and Greg Michel of MEMA this morning. Currently, there is no plan for a mandatory stay home order. People are advised to stay home as much as possible. This is not only for your benefit but for the protection of others in the community as well. Avoid crowds of more than 10 and wash your hands repeatedly. Again, there has been no mandatory order from the MSDH or any state authority that people stay home or that people shelter in place. If this changes, we will let you know. You can find my complete update and list of testing facilities here: http://philipgunn.org/covid-19-march-23-update/

Posted by Philip Gunn on Monday, March 23, 2020

YP – Mississippi Legislators use social media to talk #coronavirus response, state tax filing deadline

Mississippi legislators are home after suspending the 2020 session until at least April 1st but they are still actively discussing the coronavirus pandemic and the response across the state.

DAILY JOURNAL – Mississippi gov: Closing businesses amid virus could do harm

Mississippi Gov. Tate Reeves said Monday that he is not ordering businesses to close or people to stay at home to try to slow the spread of the coronavirus, in contrast to what several other governors are doing.

Republican Reeves strongly suggested that Mississippians follow state Health Department recommendations to wash their hands, stay home if possible and keep distance from others in places like grocery stores. He said he is trying to balance concerns about public health and the economy.

“We don’t want to make any decisions that will ultimately do more harm than good,” Reeves said Monday during a Facebook live session in which he spent nearly an hour answering questions from the public.

YP – Wicker: “America is crying out” for Senate to pass Coronavirus relief

YP – With COVID-19 Relief Package stalled, Sen. HydeSmith stresses importance of Aid for U.S. Agriculture

Congressman Thompson backs Pelosi bill

Congressman Guest: A national emergency is not a toll for Democrats to force through their progressive policies

WLOX – Gov. Reeves not sure if Class of 2020 will walk at graduation

Gov. Reeves not sure if Class of 2020 will walk at graduation

Gov. Reeves responded saying that it is his hope and intent that the Class of 2020 will graduate.

“Many of our schools are implementing distance learning… making sure that the learning does not stop.”

He says he has delayed school for four more weeks, until April 17, “so there is a possibility, and I can’t tell you with certainty, but there is a possibility that you could get back in school,” Reeves said.

“But even if you don’t,” he continued, “we want to make sure that you complete your coursework so that you graduate on time.”