Governor Tate Reeves took to Facebook Live this weekend to update the public on the coronavirus response.  Reeves was joined by Dr. Thomas Dobbs, the head of the Mississippi Department of Health.

The two recapped their Friday press conference where it was announced that the state was moving from defense to offense.

One of the topics that continues to be discussed is a possible shelter in place order from Reeves.  Some mayors have criticized the Governor for not issuing such an order.

“If we depend upon a shelter in place to be a solution, we’re going to be sorely disappointed,” Dobbs said.  “It’s a great intervention to slow things down but if you’re not coupling it with something else it seems like you’re setting yourself up for failure and frustration because when does it end?”

Dobbs said what makes sense is a community specific micro-containment approach.

Reeves added that such a containment could be considered in certain communities where a spike in cases is proven to be an issue to slow community spread.

You can watch the full video below:

Reeves, joined by his family, also took time Sunday morning to once again lead the state in prayer and short devotion.

You can watch the Sunday morning prayer time with Reeves below: