Mississippi House Democrats says the Reeves Administration must take steps to ensure Federal Legislation can assist Mississippi families with the costs of health care, child care, and groceries.

In a letter to Gov. Tate Reeves signed by 19 Democrat state representatives, the group of lawmakers write that thousands are now unable to work and are concerned about the virus’ increasing death toll while also worried about putting food on the table.

“Elected officials are asking our friends, families and neighbors to make a huge sacrifice,” the lawmakers write.  “In kind, state leaders must do everything they can to lessen the financial burden on Mississippians.”

The letter outlines what they see as “a list of immediate, urgent policy recommendations that can help Mississippians struggling with economic hardship afford basic necessities like childcare and food during this public health emergency.”

You can view the letter and the group’s list of recommended actions below:

MS House Dems – Governor Reeves COVID March 30 Letter by yallpolitics on Scribd