YP – Legislative power play in Mississippi could delay assistance meant from CARES Act

Official word came late Thursday that lawmakers will return at 1:00 p.m. May 1st.

Division in the ranks is stirring related to how the $1.25 billion should be appropriated and who should be making those decisions…

…Gov. Reeves said the Legislature has authority to direct funding until it gives up that authority, which it has done during disasters by empowering the Executive Branch.

The legislative wrangling could result in assistance being delayed when Mississippians are hurting economically, which is what the majority of the funds were directed to shore up during this pandemic.

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Reeves tweets concerns over delays

YP – HALEY BARBOUR: Disappointed Legislative leadership trying to disrupt Governor emergency authority

I have been surprised and disappointed to read reports that some in our legislative branch of state government are trying to disrupt and change how Mississippi has effectively responded to emergency situations for decades.

In any emergency, someone has to be in charge, and in our system of government, that is the governor. That is not to minimize the important role to be played by the state Legislature, mayors, supervisors and other elected officials. But the governor is ultimately accountable.

YP – Reeves discusses “keeping food on the table” in today’s press conference

Governor Tate Reeves addresses the struggle some Mississippians are facing to keep food on the table during the pandemic. He was joined by Commissioner Andy Gipson and Extra Tables’s, Robert St. John to discuss how the state is working to help.

“COVID-19 is a deadly threat. It is not the only deadly threat we face. Hunger is real, especially right now. We are talking about what we are doing to protect our supply chain and take care of our most vulnerable,” said Reeves.

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WJTV – Jackson mayor extends city’s Safer-at-Home order until May 15; open carry ban expired

YP – AG Fitch files amicus curiae against Jackson open carry ban

WLOX – Governor ‘confident’ some casinos will reopen by Memorial Day

Governor ‘confident’ some casinos will reopen by Memorial DayOne of the biggest questions facing the Mississippi Gulf Coast in regards to economic recovery from the coronavirus pandemic is when will casinos reopen.

The Mississippi Gaming and Hospitality Association developed a plan recommending how to reopen casinos in the Magnolia State, and that plan, with tweaks from the Mississippi Gaming Commission, now sits on Gov. Tate Reeves’ desk.

“We are hopeful that we are really close to developing a plan,” Reeves said in his press briefing Thursday. “I am confident by Memorial Day weekend we will have some of the facilities open, not in the exact way they were open before. We have some continued work to do, but we are heading toward ensuring social distancing in those venues in a way that can be safe for Mississippians.”

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