Governor Reeves writes Facebook post on Legislature’s actions over CARES Act funds

The men and women of the Mississippi legislature are not bad people. In fact, I’ve known many of them for many years and they are good people. I’ve known Speaker Gunn for almost 20 years and I truly respect him as just a good, decent human being. The man who handled this bill in the Senate is the current Senate Appropriations chairman, Briggs Hopson. Over eight years ago, I appointed him to serve as Vice-Chair of the Appropriations process and to lead the very powerful Judiciary committee. I could give you example after example of their colleagues that are hard-working public servants. They serve because they love our state. And contrary to the assumption of many, they don’t make much money for serving.

They are sensitive to protecting their turf. They are sensitive to protecting their power. Some of them want to “stick it to” me or settle personal scores. They want revenge for fights in the past. And I understand that. That’s politics. I just don’t think they understand the harm they are doing…

…There’s a lot we could do with it. My thought process: Let’s get money to our small business owners. Let’s get checks to our barbers. Let’s get checks to our hair salon workers. Let’s give direct grants to our teachers. Let’s take care of our cities and counties. Let’s give emergency supplemental pay for essential workers. Let’s make sure everyone has access to PPE. And let’s do it now.

We don’t have time for committee meetings. We don’t have time for committee hearings. We don’t have time for politicians to cut deals. The virus and unemployment crisis are here now. Mississippians need help now.

Read the full statement here.

MSDH: Coronavirus cases at 7550 with 303 deaths

WLBT – State Rep. Tom Miles’ mother passes away from COVID-19

State Rep. Tom Miles’ mother passes away from COVID-19

Mississippi Representative Tom Miles released a statement that his mother, Sheena Miles, passed away on Friday evening.

Rep. Miles wrote a heartfelt message on Facebook that she passed away from her battle with COVID-19. He stated that his mother worked as a nurse and spent her last working days assisting patients with the deadly virus.

Gov. Reeves on FoxNews with Chris Wallace

Gov. Tate Reeves on how spike in COVID-19 cases delayed decision to reopen Mississippi.

Watch the full interview here.

Gov. Reeves appears on CNN with Wolf Blitzer

Hosemann defends Legislative action

WLOX – Lt. Governor Delbert Hosemann on CARES Act money

Lt. Governor Delbert Hosemann on CARES Act moneyWe start with the CARES Act money – $1.25 billion coming to our state. How will that money be allocated? Lt. Governor Delbert Hosemann joins us.

Watch the interview here.

MBJ – ROSS REILY: Reeves more trustworthy than Legislature in Covid-19 crisis

While I don’t agree with every decision Gov. Tate Reeves has made during this Covid-19 crisis, I do believe he is acting with the best interest of the State of Mississippi in mind…

…But I trust the direction he is going and if it is a choice between Tate and the legislature, I choose Tate.

This is a serious time for serious people, not folks looking to make a name for themselves.

If, as he said Friday, the buck stops with Reeves, then that is showing leadership we should follow.

Speaker Gunn talks Legislative action 

MERIDIAN STAR – Analysis: Pandemic cash causes power clash in Mississippi

Analysis: Pandemic cash causes power clash in Mississippi

This is not a partisan dispute. Republicans hold wide majorities in the state House and Senate.

The House vote Friday was 113-0, with seven representatives absent and two seats vacant. The Senate vote was 48-2, with one senator absent and one voting “present,” which counts neither for nor against the bill. The two “no” votes were Republicans Chris McDaniel of Ellisville and Melanie Sojourner of Natchez.

A visibly angry Reeves said legislators were limiting his ability to quickly get money where it’s needed during the pandemic. He talked about emergency needs, like providing protective medical equipment to health care providers. He also talked about people who had lost their jobs.

Palazzo, Guest comment on Intent for CARES Act funds

WAPT – Barbershop owner sues Madison mayor, governor because he wants to reopen his shop

A local barbershop owner has filed a federal lawsuit because the Governor and Madison Mayor won’t let him reopen for business.

Earlier this week 16 WAPT reported Madison barber Mike Land opened Family Barber Shop in Madison despite the Governor’s safer-in-place order.

Now Land filed a federal lawsuit seeking an injunction so he can return to business.

YP – White House provides outline of support provided to Mississippi during Coronavirus

#MSSen: Espy, Democrats building “voter protection program”

Wicker on Senators’ return to D.C.

FRA awards grant for Gulf Coast passenger rail