YP – Governor Reeves provides updates on eviction suspensions

Governor Tate Reeves provides updates on the states eviction suspensions that have been in place during the pandemic. Gov. Reeves set an end date of June 1, for those suspensions.

“I want to give everyone enough time to get the money together to make a rent payment,” said Reeves. “For those of you who are renting know this suspension is coming to an end.”

Reeves said the eviction process is not immediate but he wanted to provide this information now to give people enough time to prepare.

YP – Mississippians give Tate Reeves high marks for COVID-19 response in new poll

According to a new poll from Impact Management Group conducted for Y’all Politics, Mississippians approve of Governor Tate Reeves’ response to the COVID-19 pandemic by almost 83%.  Entering his 5th month on the job, voters seem to be coalescing around Reeves during the crisis.

The statewide poll of likely voters using live operators was conducted from May 4-7, 2020 gauging public opinion on a variety of topics, including how citizens view the government’s response to the coronavirus pandemic and the job performance of Governor Tate Reeves and President Donald Trump.

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YP – Legislature appropriates $300 million for Mississippi small businesses

The approved plan will move $240 million into a special fund managed by the Mississippi Development Authority for small business owners entitled “Back to Business Mississippi Grant Fund.” This money will be divvied out as grants, not loans. $60 million will be placed in the Mississippi COVID-19 Relief Payment Fund, which will be the immediate funds sent to businesses. This allocation provides a total of $300 million to small business.

Each business forced to close during the pandemic will receive an immediate payment of $2,000 out of the relief fund. Those payments are part of the non-application program. Other businesses can begin the application grant process for $1,500 minimum (with an additional $500). This process also allows businesses to apply for up to $25,000 in grants through the Back to Business Grant Fund.

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WDAM – State Health Officer speaks on coronavirus in the Pine Belt

State Health Officer speaks on coronavirus in the Pine BeltState Health Officer Dr. Thomas Dobbs was missing in action during Gov. Tate Reeves’ news conference on Wednesday, but that’s because he was in the Pine Belt.

Dobbs discussed COVID-19 testing and said the virus is very active in the area.

“Over the past several weeks, Jones County has really increased in the number of cases,” Dobbs said. “And if you look at the counties that have the highest number per capita in the past seven to 14 days, Jones County falls out in that list, so we are trying to invest a lot of effort and resources in this area.”

As for Jasper County, he said a lot of the association seems to be with the poultry industry.

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NEWSMS – Pickering is working to protect veterans from COVID-19

As Mississippi has now surpassed 10,000 total cases of COVID-19, Mississippi Veterans Affairs Executive Director Stacey Pickering is taking the necessary steps to prevent the virus from spreading in the state’s four veterans nursing homes.

Besides screening employees and other essential personnel before entering a home, Pickering has enforced the use of personal protective equipment, as well as limited movement between locations.

“We closed down all four of our homes to only our employees, and only essential personnel get to come and go from those homes,” Pickering said. “We’ve really restricted movement between the homes, and it has worked real well thus far.”