Treasurer David McRae

Treasurer David McRae today announced the Mississippi State Treasury has returned $1.3 million in unclaimed property during the COVID-19 pandemic.

It is sometimes very difficult for banks, credit unions, and even retail stores to find the owner of big chunks of money. After five years, financial institutions turn that money over to the state and the Treasury’s Unclaimed Property Division is charged with finding the rightful owner. In total, the State Treasury has returned $4.5 million since McRae took office in January.

“Finding the owners of unclaimed property is our way of helping stimulate Mississippi’s economy during these difficult times,” said McRae. “While this progress is notable, our Unclaimed Property team is searching for the rightful owners of millions more. I want to encourage every family, small business, hospital, and local government to search the database. This is not the state’s money. It’s your money, and we want to get it returned to you as quickly as possible.”


Release from State Treasurer David McRae.