Mississippi Legislature reconvenes today

Lawmakers will resume their work in the 2020 legislative session today.

The Mississippi Senate will gavel in at 10:00am this morning while the House is set to start up at 4:00pm.

State Economist Dr. Darrin Webb and Department of Revenue Commissioner Herb Frierson will present to the Senate Appropriations Committee at 10:30 a.m. in Senate Room 216.The economic briefing will be webcast (link available atwww.legislature.ms.gov) with the help of Mississippi Public Broadcasting.

YP – Wicker Denounces China’s Plans to Crack Down on Hong Kong

U.S. Senator Roger Wicker, R-Miss., joined a resolution led by U.S. Senator Josh Hawley, R-Mo., condemning the Chinese Communist Party’s (CCP) proposed “sweeping national security law” for Hong Kong that would ban “secession, subversion, and foreign interference.” The legislation is an apparent attempt to silence protests that have rocked the independent Chinese city in recent months.

“The protesters in Hong Kong deserve to be heard, not beaten and oppressed. This newly-proposed law is further proof the Chinese Communist Party is intent on consolidating power and control by any means necessary. I am proud to join this effort to call out Beijing for its abuse of basic human rights and to reiterate America’s support for the ‘one-country, two-systems’ policy that has governed Hong Kong,” Wicker said.

WLOX – Gov. Tate Reeves Interview

Gov. Tate Reeves Interview - Part 2Governor Tate Reeves sat down with WLOX’s David Elliott for an extended interview as Mississippi moves forward with reopening all sectors of business and community amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

Watch Part 1 and Part 2.

Sen. Wicker issues Memorial Day message

WJTV – Congressman Guest delivers address for Memorial Day in Rankin County

YP – Hyde-Smith issues Memorial Day message

YP – Wicker, Colleagues request Investigation into Planned Parenthood over $80 Million in PPP Loans

U.S. Senator Roger Wicker, R-Miss., today joined 33 senators and 94 members of the House of Representatives in requesting that Jovita Carranza, Administrator of the Small Business Administration (SBA), conduct a full investigation into how 37 Planned Parenthood affiliates received a total of $80 million in loans from the Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) in clear violation of the Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Employment Security (CARES) Act and SBA rules. The letter is also addressed to the Department of Justice.

“It has come to our attention that affiliates of Planned Parenthood improperly applied for, and received loans, through the program,” the senators wrote. “While we appreciate the Small Business Administration’s (“SBA”) efforts to promptly cancel those loans, the circumstances under which they were made merit further investigation of possible wrongdoing.”

MSDH: Coronavirus cases up to 13,458 with 635 deaths

NESHOBA DEMOCRAT – Mississippi Choctaw Indians criminalize coronavirus violations

The Mississippi Band of Choctaw Indians has made it a crime to violate quarantine or isolation or knowingly expose someone to the coronavirus.

Violators face six months in jail and/or up to a $500.00 fine.

The Tribe said in a statement:

Communities across the country have been impacted by the effects of the Coronavirus (COVID-19). Today, Tribal leaders of the Mississippi Band of Choctaw Indians joined together to make several changes to the Choctaw Tribal Code (Title III Criminal Offenses) that will enhance the Tribe’s ability to protect the public.

WLBT – Mayor Lumumba give status of lawsuit challenging his open carry ban

Mayor Lumumba give status of lawsuit challenging his open carry banHe gave us this update on a lawsuit filed challenging the ban.

The Mayor said, “the lawsuit that was filed was filed by somebody who did not live in Jackson and while I think that, that lawsuit from all indications should resolve soon and not with any financial burden to the city. It is not yet done and so we will move forward.”…

…”I do not apologize for being concerned for Jackson residents. I do not apologize for being moved not only emotionally but moved to action as it related to children’s lives that were cut short far too quickly”, Mayor Lumumba said.