YP – Legislation could die as collateral damage over session extension squabble

Last week, the Mississippi House unanimously passed a resolution extending the 2020 session until the end of the year.  The state Senate did not follow suit as a sufficient number of Senators made it clear that they were not on board.  A majority of Senators were reluctant to bring it to the floor over concerns of both cost and precedent….

…Rumblings within the Senate chamber asserted that the House is now holding “good, conservative legislation” hostage and is willing to let bills die in House committees if the Senate does not approve HCR 69…

…For now, this legislative tactic is in limbo with the notion of legislation passed out of the Senate meeting its demise in the House if HCR 69 if not agreed to by Senators as a backdrop.

YP – PERSPECTIVE: Tourism Will Be Key to Driving Economic Recovery

Our Mississippi destination marketing organizations (DMOs), your local tourism offices and visitors’ bureaus, embrace our role of strengthening the community’s economic position and vitality – a role we take very seriously. We work tirelessly along with community leaders from the public and private sectors to promote Mississippi as an attractive destination while creating a dynamic place to live, work, and play. Our local tourism offices need the financial resources to effectively market our communities as we gradually reopen to tourists following pandemic-related closings.

As Mississippi’s communities rely on visitor dollars, the hospitality industry also greatly relies on their local tourism offices to drive foot traffic and increase visibility through marketing campaigns. The Tourism Recovery Fund will provide direct support to our local tourism offices to make this possible. Local restaurants, hotels, attractions, main streets, and many others are counting on us more than ever before, and we are eager to serve.

MSDH: Coronavirus cases up to 17,270 with 817 deaths

#MSSen: Espy attends rally, pushes black voting

WDAM – Protesters call out AG Lynn Fitch over dropping indictment in officer-involved shooting

Protesters call out AG Lynn Fitch over dropping indictment in officer-involved shootingMore than a hundred people gathered to protest not only police brutality but also Attorney General Lynn Fitch’s actions last week when she dismissed a case against a former cop for shooting and killing a black man.

Demonstrators say that incident coupled with the killing of George Floyd last month is too much to bear.

The protest that began outside Attorney General Lynn Fitch’s office ended at the Mississippi State Capitol as organizers were wrongly denied access to those public buildings.

Sen. Wicker to protestors: I am listening

Congressman Thompson congratulates Marine Corps for banning Confederate battle flag