YP – Second committee deadline pushes through major legislation, leaves some to die

Tuesday marked the second committee deadline for the Mississippi Legislature. After a long break due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the members were back at the Capitol to move bills through the process. Bills that were not passed through committee today died.

See what survived and what died.

YP – Can the state flag be changed this session?

At this point in the 2020 Session lawmakers would have to suspend the rules in order to consider a new resolution to change the state flag. That would require a two-thirds vote of the members.

Lawmakers would then have the option to vote for an outright change of the flag design or put the question on the November ballot.

At press time, according to the House docket room there has not been a motion filed in order to bring forth the legislation.

WLOX – ‘This is a divisive issue’: Republican senator calls for vote on state flag

‘This is a divisive issue’: Republican senator calls for vote on state flag
Wiggins said the state flag of Mississippi should be a unifying one.
“I respect it. I respect the heritage. I respect the history that we have. We’re all connected by that. And what it’s become, as we can tell by the Facebook poll, is that this flag is a divisive issue. And if people deny that, I think they are not facing reality in the flag that represents the state of Mississippi should be a uniting one. Now, there is a long way between a Facebook poll and coming up or ending up with something that unites everybody in the state of Mississippi. And it may be that the current flag is that one. But I know from where I sit and from what I’ve heard from my constituents is that this is a divisive issue and we have too much divisiveness going on right now, and we need to represent the will of the people.”

The Mississippi Senate has taken action on HCR 69, amending it following its initial unanimous approval in the House. The resolution will allow for the Legislature to have an open-ended session in order to address any issues that could arise around COVID-19…

…A strike all was added as an amendment, revising the rules concerning coming back to the Capitol. Members would not be able to meet more than six days over the span of the remainder of the 2020 calendar year. The Senate also only allowed for the 2020 session to be extended until midnight of October 10th, unless an early date is necessary, if it does not comply with the six-day rule.

YP – Second piece in human trafficking policy reform clears Senate committee

A human trafficking bill championed by Speaker of the House Philip Gunn survived the Senate on committee deadline day Tuesday.

HB 1559 was designed to directly address the service gap for minors who are victims of human trafficking. At this time, no specific facility is dedicated to helping minors who are trafficking victims.

#MSSen: Espy chats with Abrams

YP – Senate Judiciary Committee could advance Cory Wilson’s 5th Circuit confirmation Thursday

The U.S. Senate Committee on the Judiciary is scheduled to meet this Thursday to consider the nomination of Mississippi’s Cory Wilson for a lifetime judicial appointment on the United States Fifth Circuit.

Wilson’s nomination, unlike previous Fifth Circuit nominees, has been largely ignored by Mississippi media outlets.  However, nationally his confirmation journey has gained attention as he has been forced to square off with more liberal members of the U.S. Senate in committee hearings defending his record.

WJTV – AG Lynn Fitch refuses to answer questions about certain decisions she makes in public office


In an emailed statement her office said:

“As a general rule, General Fitch intends to refrain from seeking media coverage on individual prosecutions in an effort to de-sensationalize this very serious process for the individuals involved. We are happy to respond to specific questions to the extent that it is possible and permissible.“…

…The lead prosecutor who worked under the case under former Attorney General Jim Hood disputes that decision. According to Stanley Alexander, a grand jury said there was enough evidence.

“I don’t have a comment regarding her dropping the case. I was surprised that the case was dropped and that obviously if the grand jury indicted the case, they felt that there was sufficient evidence to go forward,” said Alexander.

YP – Wicker supports Yazoo pumps proposal

YP – Hyde-Smith cosponsors Rural Hospital Closure Relief Act

WDAM – Lumberton residents upset with alderman after social media posts

One post shared with the WDAM newsroom that residents said was racial.

Some Lumberton residents voiced their concerns about Ward 3 Alderman Johnathan Griffith during Tuesday night’s board meeting.

“He’s a bad deal for the whole city,” said Lumberton resident Bobby Ducote. “He likes to dog our police department. He likes to dog all our citizens. He’s out of control.”…

…In another post residents were angry over, Griffith ended a criticism of President Donald Trump with “Sounds about white.”

Wicker, Hyde-Smith congratulate new Air Force Chief of Staff