Today in the Senate, Sen. Derrick Simmons (D) offered a resolution to suspend the rules in an attempt to provide legislation to change the design of the Mississippi state flag. The bill was co-authored by Democrat Senators Blount, Horhn, Norwood, Thomas, Jordan, Butler, Blount, Jackson 11th, Simmons 13th, Barnett and Jackson 32nd.

The act entitled “The Act to Amend Section 3-3-16 of the Mississippi Code of 1972, to change the design of the Official flag of the state of Mississippi, and for related purposes.”

“I’m supportive of any viable alternative to the current state flag,” said Sen. Blount, a fellow author on the resolution.

Rumors surrounding the possibility of this resolution have circulated since early this week, but a motion was originally anticipated to come from the House of Representatives.

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After the resolution was filed on Thursday, President Pro. Tem. of the Senate, Sen. Dean Kirby (R) said he was not involved in conversations surrounding the potential of a resolution before it was filed. He also said after the resolution was brought up, Sen. John Horhn (D) asked him what he thought Republicans might do in light of the new legislation.

“Of the Republican Senators I’ve spoken to, many of them are not in favor of taking away the public’s right to vote on the issue,” said Kirby. Simmons said earlier this week that the push would be to have the Legislature change the flag design.

Simmons originally told Y’all Politics discussions were taking place between members and that many are in favor of the Stennis Flag design to replace the current state flag. That is what the current resolution differs to, however anything is open to amendments.

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The resolution will now be referred to the Rules Committee. If it is passed out of committee it will be made available for members to vote on in the chamber.