Mississippi families in search of the best education for their children now have a new useful tool at their disposal, this according to Empower Mississippi.

The Mississippi School Finder website, a project sponsored by Empower Mississippi and in-state education partners, offers users a complete picture of public, private, and alternative education options available in their communities.

Families can customize their search for nearby schools by grade, driving distance, and school type. The site also provides a view of the entire state’s education landscape for those moving to Mississippi.

“Every child in the state deserves a great education. While there are great options led by great educators, from traditional public school to public charters to private schools and beyond, the search for the right setting for each student is not always easy,” said Elyse Marcellino, Vice President for Education for Empower Mississippi. “The Mississippi School Finder is designed to inform and equip families in their search for the best school for their student, and we are excited to offer this tool in a user-friendly format to help families making such an important decision.”

Y’all Politics spoke with Empower Mississippi President Grant Callen on what drove the development of this site.  Watch the interview below.