Recently, the Mississippi Legislature has been discussing various solutions to change the state flag during the last few weeks of the Legislative session. The most recent attempt to provide a resolution to do so, seems to be dead on arrival in the Senate Committee it was referred to.

The resolution offered by Sen. Derrick Simmons would allow for the change to be made by Legislature without a vote through the ballot box.

Governor Reeves has been insistent that he would not be in favor of the legislature unilaterally replacing the state flag. However, on Thursday during his COVID-19 press briefing Governor Tate Reeves was asked if he would support the idea of two official state flags for those entities who do not wish to fly the current one containing the Confederate Battle Symbol.

In his response he indicated that he would entertain the idea. He referenced prior efforts by former Speaker Pro Tem Greg Snowden and also said he is open to any conversations that can bring forth a solution.

“I’m open to having any conversation but I believe strongly that the people of Mississippi should be the ones to do it,” said Reeves.

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Over the last few weeks many local municipalities, including the City of Gulfport, have decided not to fly the state flag, as well as businesses.

In order for this option to become immediately effective the Legislature would need to suspend the rules to offer a resolution to allow for a second official design of the state flag. That resolution would require a two-thirds vote of membership in order to move forward.

Many members who would like to see the flag design changed have not agreed on the method of how to do so, whether it be through the Legislative body or the public.

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