Governor Tate Reeves

In what is anticipated to be the last week of Legislative Session, rumors surrounding a possible solution to changing the state flag debate began to surface. According to Senators Chris McDaniel and Senator Melanie Sojourner, some members were considering offering measure for a second official state flag. This would give Mississippians the option of flying one or the other.

Monday, Governor Tate Reeves gave his final opinion on what he is calling the “Separate but Equal” option, and effectively shut down the possible solution.

Reeves called the option a well-intentioned proposal, but something that would more likely divide the state more than unite people.

Before the weekend, when Reeves was asked his thoughts on the option, he said all options were on the table.

“I’m open to having any conversation but I believe strongly that the people of Mississippi should be the ones to do it,” said Reeves.

After his announcement on Monday the Mississippi House Democrats also released as statement opposing the possibility of having two state flag options.

In the release they also said they are working to suspend the rules and offer up a measure to remove the current design of the state flag and offer up a new one.

Currently, there is still one resolution to change the state flag design alive in the Senate. It was offered by Senator Derrick Simmons and would give the Legislature the authority to change the flag without a vote of the people. At this time the flag that was offered as a replacement was the Stennis flag design.

The sudden surge to make a change comes after SEC Commissioner Greg Sankey threatens the removal of any championship activities from the state.

This revoking of championship events would apply to all sports that take place at universities within the SEC like Ole Miss and Mississippi State. According to ESPN the last championship event held in the state was in 2016 when Mississippi State hosted the softball tournament in Starkville.