Business organizations are issuing statement supporting a change of the Mississippi state flag. Below are two such statements, one from BIPEC and another from MMA, both issued today:


“The Business and Industry Political Education Committee’s (BIPEC) mission statement says that Mississippi businesses should “unite, protect, and advance free enterprise.” It is our opinion that the current flag divides us, hurts our economy, and hinders free enterprise.

“Mississippi is always competing for economic development opportunities. The current flag puts us at a disadvantage and stands in the way of the growth and opportunities available to us. Mississippi should have a flag that will cast our state in a positive light.

“BIPEC supports legislative efforts to change the current state flag.”


“The Mississippi Manufacturing Association (MMA) represents thousands of companies across the state of Mississippi, which includes and incredibly talented and diverse workforce that helps power our state’s economy. It is abundantly clear that the current state flag does not represent all Mississippians. Mississippi manufacturers rely on the skills and talents of people regardless of race, sex, religions, or ethnicity. No hardworking Mississippians should feel marginalized by or ashamed of a symbol that is supposed to represent us all. It is past time we change the state flag and move forward under a banner that will unify everyone in our state.”