The Mississippi Bankers Association (MBA) has a long-standing position that the state flag should be changed. The MBA supported changing the flag in 2001, and we reaffirm our same position in 2020.

We believe that the state flag should be a symbol that represents the whole state, and the current flag is offensive to many Mississippi citizens. It not only serves as a painful reminder of our state’s past but it also perpetuates negative stereotypes about our state.

We believe it is time to make a deliberate choice as a state to move forward.

The flag is divisive and continues to have a negative impact on our state’s economy. The MBA, its leadership, and its membership feel strongly that the adoption of a new flag is timely and a crucial step to improving Mississippi’s image. Adopting a new flag that represents all of Mississippi could lead to improved economic opportunities and quality of life for all of its citizens.

We support choosing a new flag that represents everyone and gives us a new symbol to help us move forward together toward new successes as a state.


Release from Mississippi Bankers Association.