In a press conference on Tuesday, Dr. Dobbs announced that there were 957 new cases of COVID-19 reported today with 44 additional deaths. Dobbs indicated that some of those numbers were backlogged from over the weekend.

With the consistent high numbers over the last two weeks, Dobbs said they would be issuing an order to suspend some elective procedures in Hinds, Rankin, Madison, Jones, Washington and Forrest Counties.

“We are running out of ICU beds and hospital beds in some of these areas. This is not a future statement, this is a now statement,” said Dobbs. “We are limiting surgeries that require overnight stays.”

As of June 7, there were 624 hospitalized cases of COVID-19 in Mississippi.

Dr. Dobbs and Dr. Byars said that the increase in cases have continually come because of gatherings and large get togethers without social distancing or using proper protective gear.

They also indicated that eight cases amongst lawmakers have been confirmed and they suspect at least 11 more at this time will test positive. A total of 270 capitol staffers, legislators and others who have been in the capitol during the end of the 2020 session were tested Monday. Dobbs said they will have those results by Tuesday evening.

“We’ve got other things in the tool box that we are doing, but there is no amount of planning we can do that will overact foolish behavior,” said Dobbs. He urged people to continue social distancing and in the event they are showing symptoms or believe they may have the Coronavirus, to isolate and alert family and friends that may have been around you to get tested as well.

Dobbs also urged all cities and counties in the state to make a mandatory mask order. A statewide order would need to come from Governor Tate Reeves.