“We need to continue stepping up to fight this virus. Over 1,000 new cases today—same yesterday. We also need to safely provide quality education for our kids. Some conversation on schools in today’s briefing,” said Reeves on Facebook.

The stricter measures put in place for 13 of Mississippi’s counties are set to expire on Monday, however Reeves said he fully anticipates those orders to be extended.

“I can sign whatever executive order I can sign but if you the people of Mississippi ignore it there isn’t much I can do,” said Reeves. He added that appearing daily with updates on what is happening with coronavirus, is is way of imparting the severity of the virus.

He also touched on schools reopening in August. The Governor said that all schools have until July 30 to submit their reopening plan which he added he will be personally reviewing each one. He said he does not believe an overarching mandate is needed.

He said that he does believe it is time for students to have some type of in person learning, and said other health officials are behind that decision.

Dr. Dobbs said hospitals are continually stressed with shortages of beds after several days of high numbers of cases. He urged people to continue to social distance, stay home when possible and wear a mask.