Governor Tate Reeves took to Facebook in response to the report of a potential lawsuit to be filed against him by leadership in the Mississippi House.

The news broke of the potential lawsuit early Wednesday morning. Sources told Y’all Politics that House leadership planned to sue Governor Reeves over his veto of the Mississippi Department of Education Budget and partial veto of what he calls special projects appropriated COVID-19 dollars.

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In his post, Reeves indicates that a “small group in the House” are only intent to pick fights with him, and have joined forces liberal House Democrats to push for these types of maneuvers.

“They run the show these days: Democrats and some left-leaning GOP politicians. Trey Lamar and Robert Johnson lead that crew around,” said Reeves in the post.

He went on to add that many conservative Republicans in the House are “irate” about how the dynamic is playing out. He said they feel shoved aside and some trampled on.

“‪They don’t have the votes to override the vetoes, so this is their Hail Mary. I wish they wouldn’t waste your money and pull us away from all the crises we’re managing to deal with their nonsense, but it’s their favorite game. I’ll keep trying to prevent the waste and damage,” said Reeves.”

During his Wednesday afternoon press conference, Reeves indicated that the lawsuit had not yet been filed but was anticipated. He also said he does plan to bring the Legislature back for a special session to address these issues, as well as the DMR budget, when he feels it is safe.