YP – Much remains unclear as Legislature set to resume Monday

Mississippi House and Senate leaders are calling lawmakers back to the Capitol on Monday, August 10th.

While there has been no official announcement as of mid-Friday afternoon, more than a dozen lawmakers have confirmed they are set to reconvene at 1:00 pm Monday.  Legislators are openly speculating that they will be considering the Mississippi Department of Education budget, which was vetoed, and likely the annual appropriation for the Department of Marine Resources, which was never passed.

There is also a possibility the Legislature could also consider the veto of $6 million of CARES Act money for Mississippi Access Group Network (MAGnet) and $2 million of CARES Act money for the shuttered North Oak Regional Medical Center.  They could also address other coronavirus issues as a result of what members are told are concerns over new Treasury Department guidance and the Back to Business program passed by the Legislature.

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WJTV – Analysis: Budget dispute goes to 1 judge in Hinds County

Mississippi Republican legislative leaders helped defeat a 2015 education initiative by arguing that if someone sued the state over school funding, one judge in Hinds County would make budget decisions for the whole state.

Now, some of those same leaders are asking one judge in Hinds County to side with them in a legal dispute over budgets.

House Speaker Philip Gunn and Speaker Pro Tempore Jason White are suing Gov. Tate Reeves, a fellow Republican, in Hinds County Chancery Court. They are challenging his partial vetoes of two bills to fund state government programs for the year that began July 1.

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CLARION LEDGER – SHAD WHITE: Auditor’s warning to Mississippi politicians, officials: We are watching for theft, corruption

Shad White

With new cash comes risk — risk of theft, misappropriation and corruption. More money means more temptation for vendors to pay a kickback to a government official to get a fat contract. More money means it’s more likely an administrator of funds is sloppy and forgets the rules — some of which are complex — around how the money should be spent.

More money means more opportunity for a fraudster to steal something and hope no one notices. Think, for example, about the large purchases of protective equipment or new computers to enable distance learning, and how this new property, flying around government offices, may be tempting for someone to steal and resell. In short, more money, more problems.

My office is going to do its level best to try to catch anyone engaging in any of these fraudulent activities. It’s going to be hard. This stimulus represents one of the three biggest challenges to the auditor’s office in the last 30 years (Katrina and auditing the 2009 stimulus money are the other two). What makes this challenge uniquely difficult is that Congress demanded the money be spent so quickly. Every cost has to be incurred no later than Dec. 30. The rush to push out money will create a situation unlike any we have seen.

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WLOX – Hundreds of President Trump supporters hold boat parade in Biloxi

Hundreds of President Trump supporters hold boat parade in Biloxi

After a lot of organizing through phone calls, group chats and emails, the Facebook group “Mississippi Boaters for Trump,” led their largest boat parade to date.

Hundreds of boaters came out to show their support for President Donald Trump and voice their political views.

The procession started in Big Lake, with most of the participants gathering hours beforehand with flags, banners and clothing supporting the president’s re-election campaign.

CLARION LEDGER – Presidential nominee, bitten by possible rabid bat, cancels stop in Jackson

Jo Jorgensen, Libertarian candidate for president.

The nominee says she was bitten by a possible rabid bat.

Jorgensen announced the news on her Facebook page, and said on the advice of her doctor, she will be getting a rabies vaccine as a precaution after being bitten by the bat near the start of her campaign tour.

The campaign did not immediately respond to questions about the bat bite.

WLOX – Presidential candidate Jorgensen campaigns in Hattiesburg Saturday

Presidential candidate Jorgensen campaigns in Hattiesburg Saturday

Libertarian Presidential candidate Jo Jorgensen held a pop-rally in Hattiesburg.

The Jorgensen Tour Bus traveled from Jackson to Hattiesburg as a part of “Let Her Speak,” the first nationwide convoy protest.

“We’re on a 20 city, 16-day tour so we’re trying to hit all of the states because we want all Americans to have a real choice,” said Jorgensen. “If we just have Trump and Biden out there, they’re not going to get any choice at all. It’s just the same old thing, so we’re out there talking to as many Americans as possible.”

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