YP – Mississippi GOP see Biden-Harris as “most radically leftist ticket in American history” as Democrats celebrate

Presumptive Democrat Presidential nominee Joe Biden announced his pick for a running mate Tuesday afternoon, choosing California U.S. Senator Kamala Harris, a former primary rival.

Harris, 55, is the first black woman chosen to run for the vice presidential spot on a major party ticket.

The California Senator has seen some support from Mississippi donors in past for her political endeavors dating back to her U.S. Senate campaign fundraising in 2015.  According to the Federal Election Commission, a variety of individual donors ranging from state employees to trial lawyers to college professors have contributed over $19,000 to Harris over the years, including Meridian Mayor Percy Bland.

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YP – ACLU, Mississippi Center for Justice file lawsuit over Absentee Voting during COVID-19

The American Civil Liberties Union, ACLU of Mississippi, and Mississippi Center for Justice filed a lawsuit today seeking to ensure that absentee voting is more accessible to Mississippians during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Most states allow any voter to cast an absentee ballot. Mississippi, however, has long required voters to choose from a list of “excuses” to do so. One of the allowable reasons is for a “temporary or permanent physical disability.”

The Legislature recently amended the law to state that a “temporary physical disability” includes any voter who is “under a physician-imposed quarantine due to COVID-19 during the year 2020 or is caring for a dependent who is under a physician-imposed quarantine due to COVID-19.”

WAPT – Jackson mayor extends curfew order

Jackson Mayor Chokwe Antar Lumumba extended a city-wide curfew for another five days.

Lumumba issued the original order Aug. 6 and extended it Tuesday. The curfew prohibits all non-essential pedestrian and vehicle traffic from midnight to 5 a.m. The mayor will review the order after the five days to determine if it will continue.

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MADISON COUNTY JOURNAL – Editorial: Our Liberal Legislature

It was no accident they left out teacher bonuses! It was a calculated effort by liberal Republicans and Democrats to eliminate the teacher incentive pay program.

Holding hands with Democrats has brought us socialism, despair, racial division, rioting and destruction with Communists now on the march. In the words of one of our favorite conservatives: “Democrats must be defeated every single time.”

Here’s something you can count on: If the Parents Campaign likes it, it’s not conservative, it’s not good for kids, it’s not good for parents, and it’s sure not good for teachers.

It is good for those who milk the education system for money and power for themselves and their cronies.

The Parents Campaign is the best-funded and most effective liberal lobby in the state of Mississippi — period.

Lt. Gov. Hosemann tweets on DMR budget

WDAM – Two senators, two different votes on Gov. Reeves education bill veto

Prolonged screen time from digital learning could lead to side effects

According to The Parents’ Campaign, a group founded in 2006 to give public school parents and educators a voice in legislative decision making, the override was a win that allows The Mississippi Department of Education to notify districts of their budget allocations for the year.

Republican State Sen. Joey Fillingane agreed and voted to override the governor’s veto. He said lawmakers needed to take out the uncertainty for educators.

“Obviously, our educators needed to know this week. Many of them are going back into school and back into the classroom this week and some next week, so they needed to have certainties of what their budgets were going to be,” Fillingane said… “We recognize he was right,” Fillingane said…

…District 44 State Sen. John Polk voted not to override the veto. He said his decision to do that was his effort to make sure funding was addressed, not only for education but for the Department of Marine Resources, which has no budget.

“I had told our leadership in the senate that I felt the house was determined to override the governor’s veto politically, and I felt like that if we went ahead and overwrote the veto before we got a DMR bill passed that we would not be able to negotiate with them and they would not negotiate with us on the DMR bill. That is exactly what happened. We left this morning at 10 o’clock from the chamber, adjourned without a DMR budget again,” Polk said.

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