Facebook’s new Voting Information Center launched this week as part of the largest voting information campaign in American history, with the goal of helping 4 million voters register this year.

The release on the effort says the nonpartisan feature will be rolling out nation wide at the top of people’s Facebook and Instagram feeds and will serve as a one-stop shop for information about how to request mail-in ballots, upcoming Mississippi deadlines, and the ability to check if you’re registered to vote – and if you are not, easily register through a link to state or nonpartisan partners.

The goal of this new Voting Information Center is to connect people online to accurate and easy-to-find information about voting, especially as many areas make changes to the voting process and logistics due to the pandemic.

Posts from verified local election authorities with announcements and changes to the voting process will be featured. People can also choose to receive notifications for these alerts.

Information on how to request an absentee ballot, guidance for military and overseas voters, and dates and polling places for early voting are also included, as well as information and links to help people plan their vote on Election Day showing when to vote, where to vote, and whether there are ID requirements.

Y’all Politics spoke with Erica Woods, a Public Policy Manager for Facebook.  She described what the Voter Information Center meant for Mississippi users.

Facebook is also launching a “Voting Alerts” feature to help state and local election authorities reach their constituents with important updates about voting and a “Facts About Voting” section with articles on important topics about the election and voting from the Bipartisan Policy Center to fight misinformation.

Facebook expects more than 160 million people in the US will see this information about how to vote in the general election through November. The intention is to help every eligible voter in the US who uses the platform vote this year.

You can access the Voting Information Center directly from the bookmarks on Facebook or on Instagram via the menu on your profile.