Governor Reeves holds COVID-19 briefing as numbers rise

“I’m a numbers guy, not a narrative guy. I’ll always tell you when the numbers are good and bad,” Reeves said. “They have been good for a while, but today’s was bad. It’s one day, not a trend, but it’s important to notice and acknowledge.”

MSDH: Cases rise by 1,348

NEWSMS – MSDH investigating COVID-19 outbreaks at Ole Miss & MUW

College campuses have been a primary concern for health officials as the fall semester begins amid the COVID-19 pandemic. Today, State Health Officer Dr. Thomas Dobbs explained that the MSDH is investigating outbreaks at both Ole Miss and the Mississippi University for Women. 

During today’s press briefing, Dr. Dobbs stated that the outbreaks include “multiple students within specific groups” and that they are awaiting lab results on several potential cases. 

WJTV – Number of COVID-19 tests being distributed in Mississippi falls to new low

YP – Chicago Mayor blames Mississippi, in part, for its gun violence – Tate Reeves fires back

In an interview on MSNBC this week to talk about the rampant violence in her city, Mayor Lori Lightfoot sought to cast blame elsewhere.

“Sixty percent of the illegal guns that come into Chicago every year are from out of state, from Indiana, from Mississippi, from other states that have lax gun laws,” she stated. 

Y’all Politics asked Governor Tate Reeves (R) for his response to Chicago Mayor Lightfoot’s comments. 

“This ridiculous conspiracy theory from the Chicago mayor—that Mississippians are to blame for the violence in her own city—is bizarre and pathetic,” Governor Reeves said. “No serious person could think that murders are out of control and people are burning police cars in Chicago because of Mississippi’s commitment to the constitution.”

US Atty Mike Hurst tweets on guns in Chicago

YP – Jackson leaders discuss banning gun shows, but can they?

A faction from the Jackson City Council is publicly making known their opposition to gun shows in the city, and floating the possibility of banning them.

Just a week ago, Councilman Aaron Banks, in an op-ed, said that the city “must address gun shows and ensure that tougher penalties are put in place for those vendors that do not follow proper background checks and other protocol measures.”

This isn’t the first time Jackson officials have attempted to overstep their authority when it comes to guns.

YP – MDE embraces schools reopening and pushes towards connectivity for all students and teachers

YP – Charles Porter named 2020 MS Trump Victory Finance Chair

Charles Porter has been named Mississippi Trump Victory Finance Chair for the 2020 campaign.  He served in a similar capacity for the President’s campaign in 2016.

Dane Maxwell, State Director for the MS Trump Victory Campaign, said having Porter on the team is a key component for the campaign’s success this election cycle.

“Charles is a well respected businessman across this state and a strong, consistent, conservative supporter of President Trump and Republican values,” Maxwell said. “He was a vital part of our efforts in helping get the President elected in 2016.  His ability to network and bring people together as we work to get the message out to voters here in Mississippi and elsewhere in battleground states heading towards November .”

Wicker, Kelly attend Airbus announcement in Columbus

VICKSBURG POST – Thompson defends legislation that targets Confederate monuments in national parks

U.S. Rep. Bennie Thompson issued a statement Wednesday defending his support of legislation that takes aim at Confederate monuments and memorials within the country’s national parks, including the Vicksburg National Military Park.

Thompson’s comments come days after The Post published an article highlighting the provision in House Resolution 7608, which calls for the National Park Service to remove Confederate monuments and memorials from national parks.

“It is time to remove symbols of hate and divisiveness from our national parks,” said Thompson, whose district includes Vicksburg. “Our nation’s public lands, national parks, and great outdoors are a huge part of what makes this country great.”

The bill, known as “HB 7608” is titled the “Environment, Military Construction, and Veterans Affairs Appropriations Act, 2021.” It was sponsored by Rep. Nita M. Lovey (D-N.Y.) and contains a provision that could severely change the history documented at the Vicksburg National Military Park, as well as 21 other national parks commemorating Civil War battles.

Congressman Guest comments on Postal Service hype

WLBT – Jackson mayor ends speculation, confirms he will seek re-election

Jackson mayor ends speculation, confirms he will seek re-election

Jackson Mayor Chokwe Antar Lumumba ends the speculation about whether he will seek re-election.

He told 3 on Your Side in an exclusive interview that as of now it is his intent to run again for mayor of the Capital City.

Mayor Lumumba says that he made the decision after conversations with his wife.

LAUREL LEADER CALL – Fountain referendum on the ballot

8.20 Water fountain.jpg

Jones Countians will decide whether to keep the non-functioning separate water fountains in front of the Jones County courthouse in Ellisville. The fountains used to be marked “Colored” and “White,” but those words have been covered with placards.

Still, some find the fountains offensive because they’re reminders of the state’s segregationist past.

DAILY JOURNAL – Tupelo COO Don Lewis announces intent to run for mayor


Don Lewis – the top figure in Mayor Jason Shelton’s administration – announced Wednesday afternoon his intent to enter the race to succeed his current boss.

Lewis, 64, has served as the chief operations officer to the incumbent Democrat mayor, but will run as a Republican next year. Shelton is not seeking a third term.

If elected, Lewis would follow Shelton as the chief executive of the sixth largest city in the state and flip the mayoral office back to the Republican party after Shelton snapped a nearly three-decade hold on City Hall by the GOP.