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YP Daily Roundup 8/21/20

YP – Governor Reeves Issues Limits on College Stadiums, Game Day Events to Protect Players and Spectators

Working closely with college and university leadership and consulting with state health experts, Governor Reeves signed a new executive order to establish social distancing measures for campus outdoor stadiums that are in effect until Monday, August 31 at 8:00 AM.

“I know it’s a topic that we constantly get questions about. It’s something that’s been polarizing around the country—some conferences have opted not to make any effort to play. Some states have not yet put out their plans,” said Governor Tate Reeves. “This is an effort, which we worked closely with the universities on, to set a floor. We took their joint recommendations, and with a little work we put this plan together. This is the minimum that each school is required to do this fall, to keep players and spectators safe while allowing college football to occur.”

MSDH: COVID-19 cases top 75k

YP – Governor Reeves announces plan to apply for additional unemployment assistance

Governor Tate Reeves announced on Thursday that he is planning for the state of Mississippi to apply for additional unemployment dollars through the Lost Wages Assistance (LWA) Program that was enacted by President Donald Trump in a recent executive order using the Stafford Act as the enabling federal law.

Reeves directed the Mississippi Department of Employment Security to apply at this time…

…No match from individual states is required for the route that Reeves has chosen to take, however some states may choose to match the $300 from the federal government with $100 from the state.

In Mississippi’s case, the state will leverage existing state funding that is being used to pay regular state unemployment benefits.

MERIDIAN STAR – Auditor says superintendent owes $34K in salary overpayments

The Mississippi state auditor’s office has ordered a school district superintendent to repay more than $30,000 in salary overpayments.

The office of State Auditor Shad White wrote in an Aug. 10 letter that Benton County School District Superintendent LaKimberly Gallager-Hobson owed about $34,574, The Daily Journal reported this week.

Gallager-Hobson denied intentional wrongdoing and said she was “beyond floored” by the accusations. She said she will not step down from her position and that she will fully reimburse the sum.

Two tropical systems heading into the Gulf next week

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WDAM – Public Service Commission creates Connect Mississippi Committee

Public Service Commission creates Connect Mississippi Committee

The Mississippi Public Service Commission has created the Connect Mississippi Committee that will help identify internet connectivity challenges in the state.

The committee consists of representation from the areas of education, economic development and medical services.

“This committee will represent most all of the residential and business aspects of the state,” said Southern District Public Service Commissioner Dane Maxwell.

YP – Taggart joins MJI lawsuit against Jackson

WTOK – Republican Michael Guest reacts to Democratic National Convention

Republican Cong. Michael Guest was in Meridian Thursday and weighed in on the Democratic National Convention.

“I know what’s going on in that convention is going to be trying to make sure the base of the Republican Party is energized going forward. I know there is going to be an outreach to undecided voters,” Guest explained.

Guest, who represents Mississippi’s 3rd Congressional District, says he has not watched any of the convention. Guest says he doesn’t believe he’d agree with the Democrats’ message.

WCBI – Local delegate speaks about virtual Democratic National Convention

WLBT – First Black woman elected to state legislature reflects on Democratic vice-presidential nominee

First Black woman elected to state legislature reflects on Democratic vice-presidential nominee

The first Black woman elected to the Mississippi State Legislature made history and beams with pride at seeing Democratic vice-presidential nominee Kamala Harris doing the same on a national scale.

Representative Alyce Clarke knows the struggle of navigating politics and believes Harris will be an inspiration to all women.

“I see her as someone who will work real hard for us and get things done,” said Clarke in describing Harris.

Although she was treated with respect by her male colleagues, she learned there was still division among elected female lawmakers.

WAPT – Mississippi DNC delegates share virtual experience