The State Flag Commission met Tuesday morning, with members narrowing down the flag design choices to two. The last standing contenders are the Great River Flag and the Magnolia Flag with the blue background.

Prior to meeting, commissioners watched the flags fly outside of the Old Capitol in Jackson. Based on their impressions of how each design looked on a physical flag as they waved on a pole, the decision was made to narrow down the top five to the final two.

Watch the two final flags fly below: 

Great River Flag

Magnolia Flag 

Many spectators were present at the event, including Lt. Governor Delbert Hosemann.

Lt. Governor Delbert Hosemann and Chairman Reuben Anderson

Initially the commission removed two other flags, one with the outline of Mississippi and the Magnolia Tree flag. Once that motion was accepted, they began altering the design of the two magnolia flags, one with a white background and the other with blue. On each flag, they increased the width of the outer bars and reverted the gold back to a more traditional gold color.

A motion was made to remove the magnolia flag with the white background.

Commissioners said the goal of narrowing the choices down is to allow for a more accurate vote of the people through nonbinding polling before deciding which final flag will be presented on the November ballot.

They will make their final selection on September 2, which is just over a week away. People interested in voicing their opinions on which flag they prefer can visit the MDAH website HERE. 

Watch the full meeting below: