YP – Governor Reeves’ daily COVID-19 press conference

“Today, we are providing updates on the storms in the Gulf and the persistent threat of COVID-19. Thank you for your steady work to combat the threats we face,” said Reeves. “Be alert. Protect yourself and your loved ones. The state is engaged and ready to respond.”

MSDH: Total cases near 80k

YP – State Flag Commission narrows down designs to two

The State Flag Commission met Tuesday morning, with members narrowing down the flag design choices to two. The last standing contenders are the Great River Flag and the Magnolia Flag with the blue background…

…Commissioners said the goal of narrowing the choices down is to allow for a more accurate vote of the people through nonbinding polling before deciding which final flag will be presented on the November ballot.

They will make their final selection on September 2, which is just over a week away. People interested in voicing their opinions on which flag they prefer can visit the MDAH website HERE. 

YP – Fitch announces Honda settlement

YP – Legislature passes DMR budget but does not override Governor’s criminal justice vetoes

The Mississippi House and Senate have come to an agreement on the hotly contested GOMESA funds within the Department of Marine Resources budget.

As reported Monday, the Legislature appropriated $20 million of the new funds to be split between the Legislature and the Governor, with each entity maintaining control of $10 million. The way in which the funds can be used follow strict federal guidelines…

…The House also attempted to override the veto of HB 658, a part of the criminal justice reform bills passed this session. This bill would revise the number of felony conviction expungements that an individual is eligible for. The bill passed overwhelmingly in the House and Senate but was vetoed by Governor Tate Reeves.

The bill made it to Judiciary B, but the override of the Governor’s veto was dismissed by Rep. Nick Bain and the rest of the committee members.

MS Legislative Black Caucus members show support for Kamala Harris

YP Special Elections Series: Bricklee Miller for MS Senate District 15

WTVA – Mississippi Senate confirms new state revenue commissioner

The Mississippi Senate has confirmed an attorney as the new commissioner of the Mississippi Department of Revenue.

The vote for Chris Graham happened Monday.

Graham had worked in recent years for the Legislative Budget Office, helping senators write spending plans for state agencies.

WTVA – Ex-Sen. Doty confirmed as Public Utilities Staff director

A former state senator has been confirmed as director of the Mississippi Public Utilities Staff.

Sally Doty was nominated last month by Republican Gov. Tate Reeves, and senators confirmed her Monday.

The Public Utilities Staff analyzes proposals and provides advice to the three elected members of the Public Service Commission.

YP – MDE disputes Auditor Letter

DAILY JOURNAL – Lee County sheriff, Oxford psychiatrist publicly oppose medical marijuana initiative


Lee County Sheriff Jim Johnson told the Daily Journal that he believes law enforcement officials will not have the tools needed to police the use of medical marijuana and ensure that only certified people are using it.

“Whether they’re breaking into homes or stealing stuff or they’re using drugs, they will tell you as a criminal that their gateway and their startup was with marijuana, and it has elevated up to something worse,” Johnson said of illegal drug use. “I just can’t see where this is going to have a positive impact on the community.”…

…Despite voting in favor of adding the alternative initiative to the ballot, state Sen. Chad McMahan, a Republican from Guntown, said he will likely vote against both initiatives because he opposes medical marijuana usage. McMahan said legalizing marijuana, even solely for medicinal purposes, would make policing more difficult for local law enforcement and could lead to a decrease in economic prosperity for the state.