Mississippi Democrat U.S. Senate candidate Mike Espy is supporting Milwaukee Freedom Fund’s efforts to raise bail money to free people detained in Wisconsin for “demanding Justice for Jacob Blake.”

Espy shared this tweet on Tuesday asking followers to, “Please consider donating $10 dollars or more to support the fight against injustice in our country.”

The fund Espy shared is linked to ActBlue, a Democrat-ran fundraising organization with ties to national Democratic candidates and social justice groups such as Black Lives Matter.

ActBlue describes this fund as supporting “these brave individuals who are peacefully speaking out.”

“Protesters in Wisconsin are putting their lives and freedom on the line to ensure that the officers who shot Jacob Blake — a young Black man who was shot seven times in the back in front of his children — are held accountable. Some protestors are being detained despite their commitment to protesting peacefully,” the fund description reads. “We must step up and support these brave individuals who are peacefully speaking out against the violent injustice that Black people see every day.”

Yet, “peaceful” protests have been few and far between in Kenosha as of late. Examples of rioting, looting, assaults and arson can be easily found across social media.