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YP Daily Roundup 9/2/20

YP – New Magnolia flag gains more popularity just before final Flag Commission decision

A circle of twenty white stars representing Mississippi’s place in the union with one diamond star for the Native American nation that reside within its borders, are displayed on a vibrant blue background. Red and gold stripes run boldly down the sides. The state flower of Mississippi, a magnolia, adorned at the center.

The New Magnolia Flag is one of two finalists for the Flag Commission to decide between come Wednesday, September 2. The design that is chosen will appear on the ballot in November.

As of Tuesday morning the New Magnolia flag was leading the public polls by over 15,000 votes.

YP – Colonel Steven Maxwell Appointed as Director of the Mississippi Bureau of Narcotics

Commissioner of Public Safety Sean Tindell announced today that Colonel Steven Maxwell has been appointed to serve as Director of the Mississippi Bureau of Narcotics.

Colonel Steven Maxwell is a seasoned law enforcement officer with 25 years of public service as an Agent of the Mississippi Bureau of Narcotics. His leadership and management roles with the Mississippi Bureau of Narcotics include Group Supervisor of Special Operations, Captain of Special Operations, Captain of the Hattiesburg District, Captain of the Jackson Enforcement Team, Major of the Central Region, Major of the Southern Region, Lieutenant Colonel of Enforcement, Deputy Director, and most recently, Interim Director of MBN.

YP Special Elections Series: Ben Johnson for MS Senate District 39

The Senate seat for District 39 is currently vacant after former incumbent Sally Doty was appointed to the Public Utilities Staff by Governor Tate Reeves. One candidate for the seat is Ben Johnson.

WTOK – Dr. Dobbs calls controversial CDC update ’very inaccurate’: ‘I’m telling you, COVID is killing people’

Mississippi State Health Officer Dr. Thomas Dobbs criticized a recent update on COVID-19 deaths issued by the CDC.

Mississippi State Health Officer Dr. Thomas Dobbs called this update from the CDC “a flub” and “very inaccurate.”

“If COVID kills your lungs and you die, COVID killed you. If COVID kills your kidney and your heart and you die, COVID killed you,” Dobbs stated in an interview with SuperTalk Mississippi. “Your lungs and your heart would not have died except for COVID and that’s exactly what we’re talking about. I’m telling you, COVID is killing people.”

Dobbs gave another example, saying, “If you die of a heart attack, you don’t die of just a heart attack, right? You die of other secondary complications with it so it’s not going to have just a heart attack on the death certificate.”

#MSSEN: Abrams to campaign for Espy in drive-in rally

YP – Congressman Guest Announces Airfield Grants for the Third District

Today, the U.S. Department of Transportation released the details of five grants to benefit airfields in the Third Congressional District. Congressman Guest released the following statement:

“I’m proud to announce these grants for our airfields across the district. Vibrant, robust airfields are critical to economic development, and these dollars will help provide safer air travel to meet our growing local economies.”

WCBI – Secretary of State Michael Watson speaks on upcoming election

WDAM – State Sen. Chris McDaniel comments on Jacob Blake shooting

State Sen. Chris McDaniel comments on Jacob Blake shooting

Protests and prayer vigils followed across the country. Black Lives Matter supporters say Blake’s shooting is another act of police brutality and sheds more light on the issue of systemic racism.

Merriam-Webster defines racism in three ways- one being “a political or social system founded on racism.”

McDaniel disagrees with the view of Black Lives Matter in his Facebook video, blaming the shooting on Blake’s criminal record and actions.

“Folks, that’s not systemic oppression. That’s a guy who was behaving like a criminal,” said McDaniel. “Was this the result of systemic oppression? Not a chance.”

YP – Seeman Composites awarded new Navy contract

YP – NFIB Industry-Specific Report: Small Business Economy Update

The NFIB Research Center released a Small Business Economic Trends Industry-specific survey highlighting the construction, manufacturing, retail, and services industries. NFIB released a previous quarterly report in May 2020.

“Small businesses are working hard to stay open while they continue to navigate the coronavirus pandemic,” says Holly Wade, NFIB Director of Research & Policy Analysis. “This report shows that some industries are recovering faster than others, but there is still much work to be done.”

HATTIESBURG AMERICAN / SUNHERALD – Scott Walker says dad is doing ‘great job’ paying for his crime. Prosecutors disagree.

Scott and Bill Walker leave the federal courthouse in Gulfport after Bill Walker’s initial appearance Sept. 1, 2020, for failing to pay court-ordered restitution. The father and son were convicted of conspiring to defraud the federal government. Scott Walker has also stopped making restitution payments.

To hear Scott Walker tell it, he and father Bill Walker are doing “a great job” paying back the combined $752,689 they stole from the government.

But the federal government doesn’t see it that way. For the second time, Bill Walker stood before a magistrate judge in U.S. District Court, charged with failing to make court-ordered monthly restitution payments of $5,000 toward the $373,248.06 he personally owes…

…But Bill Walker is still under the court’s supervision, while Scott Walker has completed his supervised release. Scott Walker quit paying his monthly restitution in February, although he still owes $131,153.15. His father’s payments stopped in March. The balance he owes is $373,248.06.