Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerburg released additional steps the social media site would be taking in order to secure the integrity of U.S. elections while encouraging voting, connecting people to authoritative information and reducing the risk of post-election confusion.

Facebook will no longer accept any new political ads in the week before an election, they will remove any posts that claim people will get COVID-19 if they are to take part in voting as well as attaching a link to correct information about the coronavirus. The social media giant will attach an informational label to content that tries to delegitimize any outcome of an election or casts confusion of the legitimacy of voting methods and if a candidate or campaign tries to claim victory before results are in Facebook will add a label to their posts where people can find the official results from Reuters and the National Election pool.

Other work Facebook is doing:

  • Encouraging people to register to vote: In just three days last month, Facebook drove close to 24M clicks to voter registration websites.

  • Running a national drive later this month to recruit poll workers to do this important work and providing ad credits to election officials so they can run ads to recruit poll workers where they are most needed.