Congressman Michael Guest (MS-03) joined a group of Republican legislators in a letter to the Trump Administration encouraging President Trump to issue an Executive Order ending federal funding of the destruction of human embryos for research. The letter asks President Trump to undo President Barack Obama’s Executive Order 13505 issued on March 9th, 2009, which removed limitations on taxpayer funding for human embryonic stem cell research. Senator Roger Wicker (R-MS) led the letter with Congressman Andy Harris (R-MD).

“A civilized nation should not justify the destruction of unborn children,” Guest said. “I’m thankful for the strong stances that President Trump has already taken to advance the right to life for our unborn children, and by undoing President Obama’s executive order, we would create a safer nation for innocent life.”

Click Here for the full text of the letter.

Congressman Michael Guest represents Mississippi’s Third Congressional District. He serves on the House Committee on Homeland Security, the House Foreign Affairs Committee, and the House Committee on Ethics.

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