YP – Gov. Reeves daily update on COVID-19 response

“As Mississippi fights coronavirus, we are also working to fix broken parts of your government. For too long, Drivers Service Bureaus have been a mess. Today, we are announcing new ways for Mississippians to skip the line and get the service and respect they deserve,” said Governor Tate Reeves.

MSDH daily COVID-19 report

YP – Commissioner Sean Tindell and the Mississippi Department of Public Safety’s Driver Service Bureau announce “Skip the Line” program

Governor Tate Reeves said, “It just didn’t work right for the people of Mississippi. It was frustrating, confusing, and slow. Today, we’re announcing some new efforts to change that. It will help Mississippians to skip the line and get in-and-out quickly. That helps with COVID-19 safety. It’s also just better. It treats the people of Mississippi the way they deserve to be treated–with respect for your time and wise use of your tax dollars. I’m grateful to Commissioner Tindell and everyone who has worked diligently on this effort.”

Newly appointed Public Safety Commissioner Sean Tindell said, “We are committed to reducing the lines at our Driver Service Bureaus. Shortly after taking office, we identified several redundancies in our processes related to renewals of driver’s licenses and firearm permits. We have worked diligently to remove these redundancies, resulting in reduced processing times for customers.”

YP – Hosemann endorses Miller for Senate special election

YP – Medical Marijuana – Initiative 65 or Alternative 65A – Voters will decide

Voters in Mississippi will head to the ballot box in November with a unique decision ahead of them, whether or not to legalize medical marijuana.

The original plan for the legalization of Medical Marijuana was through INITIATIVE 65, offered by the people, meeting the requirements to be place on the ballot. It aimed at making medical marijuana available to Mississippians with a debilitating medical condition which includes cancer, epilepsy ALS and 19 other ailments.

However, due to disagreements in the language of the initiative, the Mississippi Legislature proposed Alternative 65A (HCR 39) that was passed in the first few months of the 2020 session. According to supporters of INITIATIVE 65 the alternative legislation does not define a program start date, legal protections for those involved in the process, or a list of qualifying conditions like Initiative 65 does but it does provide a cap on distributors and could require tax dollars to function.

YP – BIPEC releases Legislators’ Report Card

YP – Governor Reeves, Treasurer McRae Approve Deal to Save Taxpayers $36 Million

Governor Tate Reeves and State Treasurer David McRae today announced a debt refinancing deal that will save taxpayers $36 million. The savings will be used to reduce debt service payments in upcoming fiscal years.

“Mississippi taxpayers deserve watchdogs to look after their finances. Careful stewardship is essential,” said Governor Reeves. “I want to thank Treasurer McRae for his excellent work on this, and let the people of Mississippi know that we will always look out for their best interests.”

YP – Sen. Hyde-Smith says new COVID-19 relief measure deserves bipartisan support

ESSENCE – Why So Little Attention For The Black Man Running For Senate in Mississippi?

Why So Little Attention For The Black Man Running For Senate in Mississippi?

Unsurprisingly, the only national attention I can recall Mike Espy netting this summer came courtesy of AM Joy.

In June, while discussing his second run against Republican Sen. Cindy Hyde-Smith, Joy Reid recalled a Republican operative telling her that if Espy received real investment in his first run against her, he could have defeated her…

…This is not breaking news. Rev. William Barber, a person with an ideology to actually believe in, once argued that Mississippi was not so much a red state but “an un-organized state.”

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